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Dentistry Rocks

By Nilika Gulati, Class of 2021

On Thursday April 4th 2019, ASDA hosted its Annual Spring Fling at Zeppelin Hall Biergarten in Jersey City. It was a fun-filled night with friends, laughter, food, and an amazing performance by “The Soft Tissue Moulage” featuring now graduated D4’s Jay Tambor and Matt Mannella, and Dr. Peter DeSciscio! Appetizers and drinks were generously sponsored by Aspen Dental.

The Soft Tissue Moulage, Matt Mannella (left), Jay Tambor (middle) and Dr. DeSciscio (right)

Students of all classes attended despite having many upcoming exams to study for, making the event a success! When asked about their experience, students were very happy and really enjoyed their time.

Gabe Senor (Social Chair, class of 2021): “A lot of times in dental school we forget that faculty are regular people just like us, with their own personalities and hobbies. It was refreshing to see faculty performing alongside students in such a relaxed environment.”

Joey Fierro (Class of 2021): “Last night was excellent, Dr. D killed it. He’s such a great guitar player! The Soft Tissue Moulage need to do more events.”

Saqib Ihsan (Class of 2021): “Last night was amazing. It showed what a true art dentistry is with Dr. Desciscio performing alongside students. It was by far one of the best nights of dental school.